Case Studies

DefenseReady gives Commanders a complete and accurate snapshot of their unit at any time with DefenseReady software. Staying in compliance with PERSTEMPO requirements is simplified and Commanders can easily determine the deployability of a unit. Read More
DefenseReady enables Command Sergeants to access and monitor health and performance data about each service member, enabling them to quickly determine readiness levels with easy-to-use dashboards. They can also save time and ensure data accuracy with DefenseReady’s inprocessing that allows service members to enter information once and then share it across the other unit sections. Read More
DefenseReady’s human performance module helps Command Sergeants improve their mission readiness with better monitoring of an injured service member’s rehabilitation. By tracking each service member’s physical, mental and spiritual recovery, they’re notified as soon as an appointment is missed or when a service member isn’t cleared for duty, affecting mission readiness. Read More

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