About Permuta

At Permuta Technologies, Inc. we’re driven to help clients in the Department of Defense (DoD) gain better control over their data — and as a result, succeed at their missions.

Based on our experience working in and for DoD organizations, we appreciate how challenging it can be for an organization to locate the information it needs to make decisions in real time. All too often, data about an organization’s workforce and mission readiness is spread across the organization in stovepiped locations, or using “homegrown” solutions — repositories that often cannot share data with each other readily, or at all.

We’re proud that we’ve earned a reputation as the developers of a proven, highly effective solution to these challenges: DefenseReady. With more than 20,000 active users in 25 implementations in various DoD organizations, DefenseReady is changing how our clients use information to accomplish their missions.

To learn more about Permuta Technologies, visit our website.