Meet Jane Jones, Director of IT


Jane Jones is looking for a new system because:

  • The current system is failing to meet mission requirements
  • The expensive or bloated system can no longer be modernized
  • Restructuring within the organization is creating the need for a new system to support data and administration
  • Current data storage and security is lacking
  • Officers can’t work efficiently or gain visibility into the organization’s data


With DefenseReady, IT Directors can:

  • Provide the Commander and Colonel the data they need to run operations and manage the force
  • Find a long-term solution that performs efficiently even as the organization grows or restructures
  • Have peace of mind that their data is secure
  • Implement a new system and import legacy data without disruption and within budget

Questions about using DefenseReady  as your workforce management software?

  • We offer transparent information on the Total Cost of Ownership including long-term and short-term real costs
  • We include ongoing software support and updates
  • You have the ability to test the full software and have all your questions answered before you purchase the software
  • Sustainable software already in place within 15 military organisations over the past 5 years
  • We offer an expedited implementation process tailored to military organizations

Key Capabilities

Customized Report & Ad-Hoc Queries | Legacy Data Integration | Role-Specific Dashboard | In-Line Charts


Rapid Installation

With DefenseReady, organizations can realize the first phases of IOC in a matter of weeks or months. Once the solutions are operational, Permuta tailors the applications to meet agency needs.


Permuta understands its customers’ challenges because the majority of its employees have extensive DoD-related backgrounds. This understanding is why Permuta's services differ from traditional contractor engagements.


Permuta does not provide staff augmentation, but rather operates in an on-demand model that cuts management costs. Permuta’s experts engage in the project only when required, ensuring that customers receive the highly-specialized expertise they need to get the job done quickly.

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