A single, trusted source, to speed informed decisions on preparedness and capacity management for all levels of Defense

DefenseReady gives military leaders a 360° view of their organization — and the ability to track their total workforce and resources, ensure mission readiness, and more. DefenseReady offers an enterprise approach to the delivery of corporate and military data, enabling Services to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency.

Increase control and insight throughout the agency

DefenseReady brings value and streamlines information management and process flows to each department and function within the organization:

  • Recruiting
  • Human Resources
  • Training
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Security
  • Finance
  • Taskings
  • Operations
  • Assets

Get greater value, thanks to COTS-based platform

DefenseReady is built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, modified to align with DoD terminology, best practices, and business processes.

Increase organizational speed, accuracy, efficiency

DefenseReady removes bottlenecks of disparate, siloed applications, making sure that decision makers get more relevant, reliable data in real-time.

Meeting needs across the military landscape

DefenseReady works in joint and single service organizations at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels.

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Attached Coalition Partners
  • Civilians
  • Contractors
  • Augmentees

Optimize efficiency and insight

Our proven system consolidates and rationalizes applications, integrates insights, aggregates and visualizes data, and automates business processes.

Provide better access for greater accuracy

DefenseReady allows organizations to give employees visibility over their data, taskings, and assignments, ensuring more up-to-date and accurate employee data.

DefenseReady is Cloud Ready

Permuta offer’s DefenseReady Cloud Hosted Service (DRCHS) is a multi-tenant instance of DefenseReady available exclusively to DoD organizations as a Managed Service on a subscription basis.

Centralize command and control over information

DefenseReady combines operational requirements, authorizations, and assignments in a single location. It uses authoritative service-level and locally captured data and business processes to provide a common operational picture, increasing an organization’s ability to meet its mission — now and in the future.

Purpose-built for DoD and national security customers

DefenseReady is being used by both joint and single service organizations throughout DoD, and in classified as well as unclassified environments.

Get better insights at every step of employees’ careers

DefenseReady is a personnel-centric system that tracks each employee’s full lifecycle from hire to retire — along with all the job assignments and deployments in between.

Experience unparalleled speed of implementation

DefenseReady leverages the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step implementation process to enable implementation within months, not years.