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DefenseReady streamlines and expedites many aspects of forms management for military agencies. Not only do users save significant time and effort — but in addition, the organization as a whole benefits from improved accuracy and standardization in service members’ completed forms, and having from forms automatically and securely stored for easier retrieval.

DefenseReady can speed up the entire “round trip” of a form. When an employee needs to complete one of the many forms used by DoD and military agencies, they can almost always find a form-fillable PDF version of the document within DefenseReady. As they’re completing the form, they can choose to allow DefenseReady to auto-populate various fields, whenever the information already exists within DefenseReady.

Then, after a form is complete, the user can have DefenseReady rout it electronically for any needed approval or signatures. Once that process is complete, DefenseReady can store the document, automatically adding appropriate pieces of contextual information (i.e., metadata) to make the document easier to query and retrieve later. Key features of the Forms Management function within DefenseReady include:

  • Autofill forms — Gives users the option to have information that has already been entered into DefenseReady automatically populate appropriate fields, saving time and increasing accuracy
  • Document routing support — Automates the cumbersome task of routing documents for approval and/or signatures
  • Security — Streamlines document security management. When a document is created and saved within DefenseReady, the document “inherits” the same level of security as the documents to which it is attached
  • Efficient storage — Makes it easy to ensure that each document is saved and stored with the appropriate contextual information toensure its correct storage and easy retrieval

DefenseReady includes 125 of DoD’s most widely-used forms. The DefenseReady team can also include other forms unique to an agency, containing all the same autofill, routing support and secure storage features available for standard forms.

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