DefenseReady streamlines tracking and reporting on various security issues and topics, including clearance, incident investigations, and damage assessments. The application can also easily drill down to such details as badges, combinations to safes, and other sensitive assets. Authorized users can easily track such areas as foreign travel and contacts, vehicles and personal weapons, and more. DefenseReady includes tools and resources specifically designed to help users manage such security issues as:

Security Incidents
Allows authorized users to track security incidents and their resolutions, including specific location, information system, damage assessment, current status, and closeout date

Security Clearance Investigations
Includes tools for managing data on clearance investigations, allowing users to see real-time data on clearance levels and currency, perm certs, facility access, and security incidents

Sensitive Items
Tracks security-related items such as badges, safe combinations, network accounts, and other sensitive assets, including which items are nearing or past expiration

Perm Certs
Facilitates management of long-term visit requests, including start and end date, agency, and current status, with real-time visibility into which personnel have access on any particular day/time

Visitor Access Requests

Facilities & Authorizations
Features full-spectrum tracking for facilities and authorized users, including facility requirements, storage and clearance levels, inspections, maintenance and contracts

Foreign Travel & Contacts
Tracks official and personal foreign travel, including approval status, purpose, and debriefing; also manages foreign contact data such as relationship, occupation, employer, address, and initial contact details

Vehicle & Personal Weapons
Enables security personnel to track vehicles entering secure areas, as well as employees who bring personal weapons onto the command’s compound

Security Screenings
Allows recruiters and security personnel to collaborate on recruits’ viability from a security perspective

Information Systems Access Requests
Allows users to manage personnel access to various information systems locations, equipment, and resources