Productivity & PerformanceProductivity & Performance

DefenseReady provides a variety of timesaving tools that allow individuals to see information about their own duty status, deployment time, timesheets, and other data. One of the major benefits of using DefenseReady for recruiting is that an individual’s data is only collected once, reducing duplication of effort — and at the same time decreasing the likelihood of conflicting data about an individual existing in different locations. Examples of productivity and performance tools that DefenseReady offers include:

My Work
Features a single, customizable dashboard that provides users with a view into their information within DefenseReady, including queue status, activities, and reports

Duty Status
Enables users to provide exceptions to daily duty status, input schedule conflicts, and route them for approval or viewing

Provides leadership with overall view of individual deployment time and operations tempo, to support resource allocation decision-making

My Data
Allows service personnel to view their own personal data, including comm devices, personal and emergency contacts, foreign travel and requests, awards, documents, evaluations, pay, and other details

Employee Self Service Portal
Leverages new Microsoft Dynamics CRM licensing to provide employees with Client Access Licenses (CALs) at lower costs and with faster validation process

Allows users to complete their own timesheets and request overtime, and allows managers to make approvals and changes as appropriate

Enhanced Scheduling
Easily manages individuals’ shift assignments to optimize quality of life/pay concerns, and balances coverage needs for certain facilities/shifts with employees’ preferred days off and pay rules

Task Management
Easy, flexible tools for managing operational/administrative tasks and facilitating collaboration and communication among team members

Forms Management
Streamlines and expedites management of more than 125 standard DoD forms, including auto-population of fields with data in DefenseReady, routing forms for multiple levels of approval or signatures, and storage.