Medical ReadinessMedical Readiness

DefenseReady provides a highly effective and reliable way to track pertinent information about an individual’s medical readiness, including various tests and medical examinations, human performance, psychology, injuries, counseling, and more. DefenseReady allows approved users to efficiently manage information regarding all aspects of service personnel’s medical readiness, including:

Human Performance
Enables comprehensive management of data on individual service members’ body composition and performance metrics, injuries, physical therapy, nutrition consults, and medical labs

Psychological Services
Allows authorized users to track service members’ suitability ratings, psych assessments and consultations, as well as applicants’ psychological screenings

Religious Counseling
Allows chaplains to log details of service members’ visits, including dates, times, with private narrative details visible only to the chaplain

Medical Staff Scheduling
Enables organizations to track pertinent data on clinic locations, operations, and providers’ schedules

Full Patient Care
Includes capabilities for managing patients’ medical profiles and health care services, including medical and dental exams, labs, clinical visits

Enables tracking of prescribed medications, issuing providers, dosages, frequency, strength, route, refills, and known allergies

Features tools for tracking service members’ injuries, including such information as injury date, type/source, care provider, treatment plan, surgery date, and discharge data

Physical Therapy
Allows care providers to log visit date, time, and length, treatments, care provider, and specific injuries addressed

Clinical Visits
Tracks information on visit duration/categorization, appointments, vitals, and assigned care provider; also allows users to complete relevant forms such as SOAP notes and SF600s