Force ReadinessForce Readiness

One of the most central components of DefenseReady is Force Readiness, a suite of tools that provide central control over a broad variety of personnel issues and topics for your entire workforce, including military, civilian, and contractor personnel. Among its many time- and effort-saving features, the module includes query and reporting tools for such areas as:

Duty Status
Allows users to manage daily duty status, input schedule conflicts and route for viewing or approval

Strength Management and Planning
Gives leadership overall view of force readiness, including individual deployment time and Operations Tempo data

Human Capital Management
Gathers and reports on metrics for human capital management, talent management, and other functions

In/Out Processing Queues
Automates and expedites many steps and processes in keys transactions

Awards & Evaluations
Includes task management tool tracks awards and evaluation status, from nomination or preparation to presentation

Military, Civilian & Contractor Personnel
Tracks and manages total workforce, including Active, Guard, Reserve members from each service, as well as civilians, contractors, augmentees, and coalition partners

Provides comprehensive view of force readiness, including skills/training, medical status, deployment history, passports, and more

Recruiting Management
Centralizes control over individual recruit cases from beginning to hiring decision

Legal & Passports
Tracks all legal issues, including legal files and document logs, as well as passports and visas of all types