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Many factors affect readiness, including PERSTEMPO, weapons qualifications, physical fitness, medical data, clothing records, protective mask inserts, repair parts, equipment status, and vehicle maintenance requirements, just to name a few. Keeping on top of it all can be daunting…until now.

In this informative eBook, you’ll find 4 case studies that illustrate how DefenseReady, a software application that tracks the full spectrum of mission readiness data developed specifically for military and DoD personnel, can help your unit:

  • Maintain the highest levels of readiness by proactively tracking and managing all sources of personnel data from all sections of the unit, such as the S1, S2, S3, S4, Motor Pool, and HHC
  • Optimize human performance, track fitness, avoid the pitfalls of health and dental readiness issues, and manage tracking of injuries and illnesses within the unit
  • Consolidate all input and updates of personnel data at one point instead of several. DefenseReady only needs information to be inputted once when a soldier in or out processes instead of once for each section
  • Generate reports and data for briefings that greatly reduce the amount of time you spend crunching numbers manually
  • Manage and recommend cross-leveling of supplies so each unit maintains the highest level of stock possible
  • Share information across the unit as a whole instead of compartmentalizing it
  • Collaborate with adjacent units as well as those up and down the chain of command to save money by consolidating orders for logistical resupply